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A Must-read!

If I could recommend reading just one book, it would be this one. Very clearly and cleverly written, thoroughly researched, referenced  and backed up by data. This book is a real life changer. It is an eye opener on the realities of our 'messed up' world dominated by individual and corporate interests, and the urgency for change. Guaranteed to challenge your views and beliefs, this book can't leave anyone indifferent. John Robbins is the incarnation of hope for our future and our children.

The China Study book.jpg

Utterly convincing 

A wide and thorough study clearly presented by T. Colin Campbell to support the nutritional arguments for a plant based diet. This book was the one that kicked me off to become a vegetarian. Whether like me you become convinced of the long term benefits of a plant-based diet for your health or not, this book is a very interesting and well documented read for everyone interested in health, diet and nutrition.


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If only everybody could read that book.....


Much important information is concentrated in this book, focusing on the impact of our diet on our environment. Thanks to this book, many startling facts that are normally silenced by the large and powerful are finally exposed. This book is very clear at demonstrating how easy it is to ignore the truth and how dramatic are the consequences. Hopefully it is still never too late to wake up to the facts.

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