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I am Caroline!
I am passionate about inspiring you to create a variety of tasty and simple vegetarian dishes at home. Your and your family's health deserve it! And the health of our planet depends on it...


I love cooking (what I enjoy eating...) and travelling the world through food and local markets. I am also health conscious and interested in Nutrition. I am French, and I lived 20 years of my life in London, working as a marketeer (in the food industry) and later on as a Midwife. I have always enjoyed cooking and have taken different cooking courses throughout the years at Le cordon Bleu, Paris, Leiths School of Food and Wine, London and Hong Kong Culinary Academy. I am now living in Hong Kong, experimenting with Asian cooking and delighting my palate with new authentic experiences from all over Asia.


My next passion is Nature. When I realised the impact my food choices had on the future of our planet, our health, world hunger and inequalities, as well as  animals' suffering, I was truly shocked, and I then decided it was time to take some responsibility and act. 

Few years down the line of being a happy  vegetarian, I am convinced that we would all be in a better place should we eat less meat and I am dedicated to doing my bit to help reach that goal. Now more than ever before, whether we like it or not and whether we accept it or not, the choices we make individually and collectively make an incredible amount of difference on the destiny of life on Earth.


As a busy mum of 3, however, I understand from my experience that it can be quite daunting and challenging to change eating habits and feed a family more vegetarian meals to satisfy everyone. It requires more thoughts and time, and a lot of experimenting. So I am here to help!

I have created a series of cooking classes to share with you carefully selected recipes, full of flavours to make you travel the world, as well as ridiculously good for you. I select recipes that are  easy enough for you to be encouraged to make them again at home for your family and friends to enjoy.

In my recipes, I always aim to maximise taste as well as optimise health benefits. I prefer wholegrain to processed ingredients and will as much as possible substitute dairy for the best vegan alternative even if only partly. I try to minimise the glycemic content  and I aim to use much spices and herbs to enrich taste as well as reap all their nutritional benefits. I like my dishes to be a feast for the taste buds as well as for the eyes and as a general rule, the more colourful, the more varied and the better for you.


Cooking is about spreading the love. Let me share that with you!



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